Yellow-Collared Macaw: Bird Species Profile

Pleasant, tricky, and also humorous, yellow-collared macaws provide all the individual of a sizable macaw in a much smaller, much more cost effective, and easier-to-care-for mini macaw bundle.

They make fantastic animals. They are actually dazzling, that makes instruction simple, and the majority of these birds learn to speak rather properly. These parrots like interest and appreciate being part of a household. The yellow-collared macaw is actually a dynamic, stimulating bird that may produce a phenomenal buddy for the right manager.

Variety Overview
POPULAR NAMES: Yellow-collared macaw, golden-collared macaw, yellow-naped macaw, Cassin’s macaw

TAXONOMIC NAME: Ara auricollis or even Primolius auricollis

GROWNUP SIZE: 15 to 17 ins, examining in between 8 as well as 10 ounces

LIFE SPAN: Upwards of fifty years

Beginning and also History

Yellow-collared macaws are actually native to main South America. In the crazy, yellow-collared macaws form limited bonds along with their friend and also are rarely apart, also when in a flock.

Some categorize this bird in the Ara category as a small parrot similar to extreme macaws. Others put this bird in the Primolius category along with other mini macaws like the Illiger’s macaw, which is one of the yellow-collared’s closest relations.


Affectionate, but quite mischievous, the yellow-collared macaw possesses a track record for being actually a intelligent as well as clever little bit of parrot. It grows on interest coming from its manager and will certainly find that interest whatsoever required. Count on a welcoming when you obtain residence and also great deals of love as well as love, whether you wish it or not.

Some are actually one-person birds, most yellow-collared macaws make amazing loved ones pet dogs. When a bird is socialized youthful, it helps. They are normally friendly naturally. These qualities are actually extensions coming from their coupling and also flocking intuitions, which they will happily encompass their human flock.

Provided the right amount of passion, style, and training, these birds can easily become tender and also dedicated family pets that form deep-seated as well as resilient bonds with their proprietors. Having said that, if this bird performs not obtain regular instruction coming from a youthful age, at that point it may be a territorial, nippy bird.

While yellow-collared macaws are commonly certainly not as raucous as larger macaws, they are actually greater than efficient in being quite loud when the state of mind strikes. Some individuals even contrast their contact us to a gull. This sound amount makes them certainly not appropriate for apartment or condo or condominium residing.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

Many yellow-collareds are actually gifted talkers. They are capable of claiming numerous phrases and also key phrases. Some owners have kept in mind that the yellow-collared macaw can speak with additional clearness than much larger varieties. However, no parrot is actually ever before assured to chat. Carry out not buy a bird for its speaking potential alone.

Yellow-Collared Macaw Colors as well as Markings

Yellow-collared macaws have mainly green physical bodies in different shades. The birds’ lengthy maroon rears possess a brilliant blue tone on the suggestions.

The forehead on this bird is actually a bluish-black colour, which is a plain comparison to the sizable white colored eye spots that surround an orange eye. The beaks are mainly dark, fading right into a white objective by the end of the higher jowl, and their feets are actually flesh-colored.

The males and also women counterpart since this is a monomorphic species of bird. DNA sexing or even a medical sexing operation are the only means to determine the sexes apart. Likewise, the colour of the bird’s quill is without radiance as a youthful bird; its own different colors will definitely come to be more brilliant along with age.

Caring for a Yellow-Collared Macaw

Yellow-collared macaws, like numerous various other mini macaw varieties, possess a track record for fastening on their own to the individual that maintains them most. They yearn for focus as well as communication, and also as a result of this, they’re certainly not the right option if you do not have numerous hours a day to dedicate them.

These mini macaws are little bit of escaper, which originates from their often rowdy as well as interested personality. Make sure you provide a cage that is secure and safe. Though these are actually smaller parrots, they still need to have a large cage to discover as well as extend their airfoils and also lower legs. At the minimum, the cage ought to be actually 3 feet long through 3 shoes large and 6 feet high.

Parrots tend to perform much better with good encouragement, thus keep in mind to ignore bad behavior and also reward excellent. When your macaw receives a little uncontrollable away from the crate, often all it needs to fix the habits is actually to place it back on its post. With a little perseverance, it will know what will definitely keep you pleased, which is actually all it desires.

An additional important is a meal of water for a birdbath. If given a chance, these macaws are actually pleased with water and also will sprinkle around to their heart’s content.

Common Health Problems

Yellow-collared macaws are reasonably healthy, long-lived birds but are at risk to some usual pet dog bird health problems:

Proventricular Dilatation Disease (Macaw wasting disease caused by a virus).
Plume deciding on.
Psittacosis (parrot fever, chlamydiosis bacterial infection).
Various other bacterial, viral, as well as fungus diseases.

Eating plan and Nutrition.

The selection of crazy yellow-collared macaws is reasonably little, it extends many countries. The bird consumes a great assortment of nearby fruit products, almonds, seeds, as well as plants. A pet yellow-collared needs to consume a diet that is actually equally assorted.

Macaws, relying on their measurements, will eat concerning 1/2 to 3/4 mug of parrot mix as well as about 1/2 to 3/4 mug of veggies and fruit each day. Provide fresh consuming water everyday. Supplement that along with seeds and also almonds to keep the bird satisfied and also well-balanced.

Never ever feed these birds avocados, chocolate, rhubarb, coffee grains, or even liquors as they can be poisonous.


Yellow-collared macaws live to participate in. This macaw requires a minimum required of 1 to 2 hrs of leisure outside of the cage each day to let it extend and exercise his lower legs, beak, and also airfoils.

When outside the cage, a strong play stand up with a place for treats as well as playthings is necessary for these fun little bit of artists. Good parrot playthings need to be actually bountiful and tough basics of the cage. The yellow-collared macaw requires to keep busy, so the even more bird-safe toys you can provide your bird, the more pleased it will definitely be. Timber, natural leather, and also rope are actually excellent products, and also make sure to have back-ups accessible so you may replace used toys.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Yellow-Collared Macaw.

Do not ignore this species in favor of a much larger or additional colorful bird if you are actually curious in a macaw or even any type of parrot. They’re conveniently offered in the pet field and ought to be actually fairly very easy to locate. Check out a couple of birds as well as, as soon as you connect with a yellow-collared macaw, you will find that these little elegances could be larger than life.

Before acquiring a small macaw from a bird retail store or even dog breeder, examination creature homes and also saving associations. They can easily set you back from $1,500 to $2,500. On-line resources may point you in the proper direction of breeders or saves:.

Bird Breeders.
Birds Now.
Use a Pet.

The Beauty of Birds is actually an organization that preserves a listing of trustworthy parrot breeders in the U.S. If thinking about a bird dog breeder, are sure you question the breeder, consider the standard health of their birds, visit their lifestyle situations, and also consult with past consumers. Signs you must prevent the dog breeder include cramped lifestyle ailments, non-active birds, as well as breeders who prevent your inquiries or perform certainly not seem to have a lot details on their birds.

Charming, crafty, and absurd, yellow-collared macaws offer all the individuality of a large macaw in a much smaller, extra affordable, as well as easier-to-care-for mini macaw package. The yellow-collared macaw is a lively, stimulating bird that may produce a phenomenal buddy for the right owner.

Others position this bird in the Primolius genus along with additional mini macaws like the Illiger’s macaw, which is actually one of the yellow-collared’s closest associations. Some are one-person birds, the majority of yellow-collared macaws make extraordinary family members household pets. While yellow-collared macaws are actually usually not as loud as larger macaws, they are actually more than qualified of being actually very loud when the mood strikes.

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